Keeping Your Home Warm With New Energy Efficient Windows

Flat roof coating

This bitter cold winter is a time to be grateful for a roof over your head and a warm house. As experienced homeowners know, the only way to achieve this is through regular maintenance and upkeep. Especially when it comes to external elements like roofs, siding, gutters and windows, which are your home?s first line of defense against extreme weather. Finding a local contractor who can answer all your questions, from the cost of replacement windows to seamless gutter benefits, is a must for any homeowner.

Protecting your house from extreme weather
What do roofs, gutters, sidings and windows have in common? To the homeowner the answer is obvious: these are the external elements of the house that maintain its integrity and protect the inhabitants from the weather, keeping out icy winds, water and cold. Any damage to these can mean costly emergency repairs. It?s best to be prepared ahead of time, replacing roof shingles and finding out about seamless gutter benefits before the extreme weather hits.
Many people may not be aware that double hung windows are one of the best ways to keep your family safe and warm. By eliminating heat loss and drafts, they can make it easier to heat the indoor space. In addition to providing a comfortable and even indoor temperature, they can also help to reduce your energy costs.

How storm windows can reduce energy costs
Even the smallest cracks and drafts in doors and windows can make it much more difficult to heat your home. In fact, as much as 38% of home heat is lost through drafty doors and windows. Single windows can lose up to 50% of the heat provided by your home heating system.
All of this shows up as higher costs on your energy bill. In fact, a typical family spends an extra $350, or one third of annual heating and cooling costs, on air that leaks out of the house. The best way to reduce or even eliminate this heat loss is by installing new energy efficient windows.

Can new windows really save you money?
While you will have to pay upfront for the installation cost of new windows, the benefits will be apparent as soon as your get your new, lower heating bill. You can get new windows with Energy Star ratings, which will put an end to cold air getting into your home once and for all. Your savings could be as high as $501 each year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
How much will it cost to replace your windows? Estimates from the Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost Vs Value Report put the average cost of replacing vinyl windows at $11,319. For wood windows, it will $12,229. Your home will have a more comfortable, even temperature. And you?ll even win brownie points for being environmentally conscious.

For the best window installation services, it?s a good idea to find a local contractor who can do all kinds of home repairs. Professionals who can install roofs, siding and windows will be able to help you with all aspects of home maintenance. You can also get useful tips from them on all kinds of home maintenance matters, from seamless gutter benefits to making your home more energy efficient.

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