Is it the Setting or the Foundation? A Guide

Is it the Setting or the Foundation? A Guide

This video discusses house settling and foundation problems. It informs you about house settling, how long it lasts, and when it is time for you to be concerned.

Kurt Gibson talks about house settling and what is considered normal.

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House settling is a normal process for a house. There is a large amount of wood used in a home. The drying process of wood happens naturally and causes settling to occur. Kurt discusses the details of wood drying and shrinking and why it happens. There is often movement in the house as a result of settling, but you rarely actually see the house shifting.

Cracking concrete is not always a sign of foundation problems. The size and length of the cracks are more critical than the actual cracks themselves. You will also see walls with significant cracks to indicate there may be foundation problems, but they may not be a huge concern. This is because reputable builders ensure the foundations of the houses they are building. However, there a rare occasions when these signs are indicators are large problems.

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