Can You Do Sump Pump Repairs On Your Own?

Can You Do Sump Pump Repairs On Your Own?

Having your sump pump break down on you is never fun. It’s never convenient for it to happen, and a hefty repair bill might happen in the near future. However, doing self-repair is possible. Youtube channel Apple Drains shows how to do sump pump repairs without the need to call an expensive emergency service.

First, wash it off outside and gather your tools.

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Remove the bottom panel by unscrewing four screws. Also, remove the screw that attaches to the float. The bottom plate might be a bit stuck, so use a screwdriver or a flat tool to pry it off. Be careful not to remove the housing, because all the dielectric fluid might pour out of the sump pump.

Plug the sump pump in and turn on the switch. If the fan tries to move but can’t, try giving it a few taps of your tool to encourage movement. If it begins running after this, then that will mean a lot of dirt and debris has built up, making the sump pump stop working. Let it run for a while to remove the excess debris. Turn off the pump, and wash it off to remove further potential blockages.

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