How Realtors Can Help You Invest in Property

Real estate for sale

Looking through the pages of real estate for sale can be a great way to identify a bargain investment. While there are over 115 million occupied houses and related units in America, there is also a growing need fed by the improving economy, competitive mortgage rates, affordable housing prices and pent-up demand. all of these together mean it is a great time to invest in property, whether as a vacation home, primary residence or investment to flip at a later stage.

Given that as many as 1.5 million new houses need to be built annually to address population growth in the United States, according to Forbes, the real estate market is hot property right now. Buying property i becoming more accessible once more because of demand and falling prices. The average first time buyer in 2014 as 31, while repeat buyers — those who have purchased more than one home in their lifetimes — were traditionally 53. A third of purchases in that year were by first time buyers. Real estate listings can help you identify the perfect home for your needs.

Browsing through the list of real estate for sale can be overwhelming but with the right advice from trained real estate agents you can take your first step on the property ladder or expand your property portfolio as an investment. There are more than 2 million active licensed real estate agents, according to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). As much as 98% of buyers using a real estate agent for their purchase found them to be a valuable and worthwhile sure of information to help them make a decision. The percentage of buyers using a real estate agent for purchases is increasing steadily, from 69% in 2001 to 88% in 2014.

Choosing real estate agent can be tricky; it is important to look for an estate agent that understands the market you want to buy in and the property type you want to invest in. There are experts in beach real estate for sale, for example. Recommendations from past clients, especially family and friends are invaluable. Over 40% of buyers use such recommendations from family members or friends to choose their estate agent.

Property can be a fantastic investment opportunity. Using the right realtor can make all the difference in your property journey and help you to grow your portfolio so that you can really benefit from the returns.

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