Four Reasons to Avoid DIY Home Electrical Repairs

Electrical wiring

Owning a home can get very expensive. This is especially true if you purchased your house from a previous owner. The older the house is, the more is usually needs in terms of repairs. If your house needs regular repairs, you can find yourself shelling out hundreds of dollars per month. Although some home repair projects are perfect for DIY to save money, residential electrical repairs should always be left to a professional electrician. The moment you identify electrical problems within your home, begin your search on finding a qualified electrician for these reasons.

Electrical problems can be dangerous

Electrical problems can be dangerous. In fact, they are one of the most dangerous problems that can occur in your house. The dangers and risks that are associated with needed residential electrical repairs increases even more when you have an unqualified individual working on them. Wiring and related equipment accounted for the largest share (63%) of 2007 to 2011 home structure fires involving electrical distribution or lighting equipment, followed by lamps, light fixtures, and light bulbs (20%), cords and plugs (11%), and transformers and power supplies (6%).

Poorly repaired electrical items can be fire risks. When all of your home?s energy is pushed through wirings into a specific device, that device has enough power to harm you or to start a house fire. Electrical repairs, for this reason, should always be completed by a professional electrician who understands the different wirings and safe electrician practices.

Outdated electrical wirings

Homes that are built today are built with safer electrical wirings. These advanced safety practices were simply unknown many years ago, when the majority of houses were built. Today, houses are built with GFCIs, or ground fault circuit interrupters. This prevents shortages of power or problems with a specific outlet or power source to cause a household electrical problem. It also reduces the risk of fire within a power outlet.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) could prevent more than two thirds of the roughly 300 electrocutions that happen each year in the home. However, the majority of homes are not yet equipped with these life saving GFCIs. Consider having GFCIs installed by a professional electrician when they are also working on your residential electrical repairs.

Connected wiring platforms

Another common unknown fact is that most electrical platforms are all connected in some way or another. If you decide to DIY what seems like a simple electrical repair and make a mistake, it could also affect other areas of the home?s electrical. Residential electrical repairs require the ability to specifically pinpoint the problem and correct it, in that area only. Electrical problems that result from cross wirings may result in needing an entirely new home electrical wiring.

Damage to electrical devices

You may also be surprised to learn that poorly electrical wiring or poor residential electrical repairs can also result in damage to the electrical item, itself. Electronics rely on their power source to work properly and if that power source is not wired correctly, it can fry the system. You can either cause a fire or ruin the item completely. Protect your electronic investments by finding an electrician familiar with residential electrical repairs.

Additional safety features

Because electrical has the potential to be so dangerous, safety features should be installed to reduce the possibility of electrical fire. Consider installing arc fault interrupters (AFCIs) on bedroom circuits, smoke detectors in all bedrooms and in hallways within 15 feet of bedrooms, and at least one smoke detector on every level. Your professional electrician can help with proper placement of all AFCIs and GFCIs, as well as smoke detectors.

I have provided you with many reasons to use a professional electrician. Some home repair projects can be DIY to cut costs, however, electrical problems should always be repaired by a professional. If you do not have sufficient electrical knowledge, you can cause a house fire, you risk being electrocuted, you can damage your new electronic item, and you could cross electrical wires throughout your house.

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