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Every single year in the United States, there are couples and individuals that have to make the toughest decision of their lives. This decision does not involve a baby all of the time, but it definitely could. This tough decision that all Americans will face as a rite of passage is none other than picking where they want to live.

When people decide where they want to live they will have to decide whether or not they want to rent or if they want to buy a house and turn it into an energy efficient home. When people live in apartments or condo’s then they will have to play by the rules of the landlord and those who have already gone through the process of building these rentable living spaces. However, when someone decides to buy a house or build a house from scratch they get to make the decisions.

Whenever someone decides to build a home or decides to buy a pre-owned home and renovate, they will be faced with placing appliances and furnishing throughout the house. This is difficult to properly do without the help of an expert, and there is no shame in hiring an expert to help with building an energy efficient home. Here are all of the facts that are involved in heating and cooling, furnace installation, and building an energy efficient home.

Experts in the field of heating and cooling have revealed just about 75% of all people who call them with complaints of a lack of heat stem from a lack of maintenance. So anyone that wants an energy efficient home needs to make sure they have proper boiler installation, boiler repair, and furnace repair. Without properly maintaining a geothermal heating system, it is easy for things to fall apart.

It is also important to thoroughly have AC repair done on an air conditioning units after air conditioning installation. A central air conditioner needs consistent and good air conditioner maintenance. Whenever someone lowers their thermostat by two degrees it can help save them just about 5% on their heating costs.

Experts in the field of heating and cooling have conducted studies and have determined that just about 25% of all heat in a home can be lost through small cracks and holes. This moves away from the specifics of what an HVAC technician does but instead deals with the infrastructure and foundation of an energy efficient home and how someone needs to make sure they fill in cracks and holes to keep heat in.

Just about two-thirds of all homes inside of the United States have air conditioners and today, these air conditioner units use just about 50% less energy than they did in the year of 1990. As recently as 1993, nearly 70% of all occupied housing units had air conditioning. Any furnace that has a rating that is between 90% and 95% is considered to be efficient, so take a good look at the rating of a furnace before you purchase it.

Boilers will usually last in an energy efficient home anywhere between 15 to 30 years. The homeowner should be sure to have experts check on a boiler so that it can reach the full span of their life. Leakage from ducts can take away almost 40% of all the energy out of a well operating and efficient air conditioner. According to researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the world is poised to install 700 million air conditioners by 2030.

In Conclusion

Building an energy efficient home is not easy and it can be even harder to renovate a home into an energy efficient home as well. However, the work is woth it because it will definitely help you save money as you go forward with trying to live in your home. Whatever money you put in on the front end will definitely come back to you because you will be able to save some money.

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