Are You Getting Ready to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space?

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This Sunday has an extra hour.
At least that is how your husband looks at it. On the day that you set the clocks back an hour, your husband woke up full of energy. After ushering at the early church service and taking the family out for lunch, he attacked the two overgrown lilac bushes by the front door. As he explained as he headed outside with his new chainsaw in hand, he reminded you once again that this is the one day a year when he is gifted with an extra hour and he intends to use it.
Motivated by your husband, you are also determined to make some plans. In fact, you are hoping that you can begin making a plan for the custom patio design that you have been wanting. Before the plan for the custom patio design can begin, though, you need to sort through all of the current furniture and accessories, as well as tear out the current landscaping that needs to go. While your husband works on the lilacs up front, you are planning to dig out some of the smaller landscaping that is no longer serving its purpose in the area where the new patio design will go.
Outdoor Kitchen Installations Can Help You Make the Greatest Custom Patio Designs
Whether you are looking at installing water features or an high scale outdoor kitchen, working with a professional designer can help you reach your goals and complete your projects online. In fact, landscape design services can help you not only brainstorm all the possible ideas, but also find the right contractors to finish the projects:

  • 83% of Americans think having a yard is important.
  • 90% of those with a yard think it is important the yard is also well-maintained.
  • A home’s resale value can increase by as much as 14% with the addition of landscaping.
  • The landscape design process is an important part of home ownership.
  • 51% of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor spaces spend six or more hours in those areas every week (51%). During this time outdoors, the most popular activities are relaxing, gardening, and entertaining.
  • 64% of homeowners upgrading their outdoor spaces indicate that they are addressing their backyard

What did you do with the extra hour that you gained last weekend? Finding the motivation to tackle outdoor projects is not always easy, but if there is ever a time it might be during the weekend when you are gifted with an extra hour.

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