Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Porcelain tub refinishing atlanta

A beautiful bathroom not only makes for a pleasant living experience, it can also increase the value of your home. Part of ensuring that bathrooms always look good — and are healthy and safe — is regular maintenance and addressing any damage early on.

Damage such as wear, chipping, scratching, staining and discoloration or even the damage caused by harsh cleaners can take its toll on your bathroom surfaces, from tiles to fixtures and tubs, over time. Redoing the bathtub tile installation or fixing and replacing damaged tiles can freshen up the look and feel of your bathroom and also ensure that the broken tiles and exposed surfaces do not become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. As a moist environment where water is used, bathrooms can be a spawning place for such germs. The same holds true of damaged bathtubs, which can trap dirt and thus breed germs.

There are many terms used to describe bathtub refinishing, including resurfacing, reglazing or re-enameling, but all of them refer to the refreshing of a damaged or worn bathtub. While a new bathtub tile installation is an inexpensive way to address any wall or floor damage, it is often cheaper to opt for re-enamiling or reglazing of a bathtub than a new one. It is also usually easier to clean a refinished tub than a new one. The cost of bathtub refinishing varies but is usually less than buying a new one and installing it. It takes between three and four hours to reglaze a tub and a further 24 hours to fully cure it. A refinished tub can be made to look like new and can even be recolored to update the look and fix or hide cracks and blemishes. If done right, refinished tubs can last upwards of 10 more years.

Another way to freshen up a tired or damaged bathroom is to install new water fixtures. Modern or retro taps or shower heads are as aesthetic as they are functional and can really bring that bathtub tile installation to life or rejuvenate an old-fashioned room. By updating fixtures, you can also benefit from new technologies and conveniences while also improving the look and feel of one of the most important rooms in the house.

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