Exploring All the Reasons Why it Pays to Hire a Professional Moving Company to Haul Your Stuff

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Whether you’re moving for work or for play, moving can be both a physically and emotionally draining and stressful process. Though the excitement of moving to a new location and starting a new life so to speak can be thrilling, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the details that go along with organizing your stuff, packing it all up, and getting it from point A to B. And while that may not sound all that confusing or nerve wracking, anyone who has ever moved knows exactly how trying of an experience it can be, even if you follow all the go to rules and tips for packing and moving out!

Of all the tips for moving out there are available and recommended, there’s one that should always, always, always be heeded or at the very least considered; hire a moving company. Many people that are preparing for a move are hesitant to hire local movers for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they feel that getting the job done on their own by recruiting friends, family members, frenemies, and anyone that’s able to lift a little is better than shelling out the cash to hire professional movers. They assume they’re saving time and money when in reality they’re wasting both.

In addition, moving companies have gotten a bad rap and a few bad apples have spoiled the bunch in terms of public trust. Many people feel as though moving companies are deceitful and will not treat their belongings with any sort of care or regard. And while it’s true that there are a select few moving companies that aren’t reputable, the overwhelming majority of them are. Running a simple search and asking for personal recommendations and referrals can help you find a reputable, professional, and insured moving company in your area.

If you still don’t think you need to hire a moving company to help you complete your move, just take a look at all the reasons why you should hire one! You might end up changing your mind.

The perfect professional pack

Did you know that packing accounts for nearly a quarter of your total moving expenses? Yeah, really — that’s a lot. As such, you may be surprised to know that you could be spending more than you’d like to by packing your stuff yourself, even though you think you’re saving money in the long run. What many people fail to realize is that professional movers are also professional packers! With the help of a professional moving company, your goods can be packed the proper way. This requires less boxes and reduces the chances of your fragile belongings getting damaged. A professional moving company also knows how to pack efficiently on top of effectively, so what would take you weeks to pack they can accomplish in just a few days.

They have the right equipment, you don’t

Having a do it yourself approach to many things in life is fine, but not when it comes to moving. Recruiting your friends and their stuff, such as a pick up truck or van, is not the way to go about moving if you want it to be done safely, efficiently, and effectively. What happens if your friend throw their back out? Who will be responsible for their medical bills and time off work? Gulp! A professional moving company has the tools of the trade in order to get the job done safely, quickly, and without incident of any kind. In addition to hoisting straps, professional movers also have two and four wheel appliance dollies, ramps, and custom built trucks with air ride cushions to ensure your belongings are safely transported. Can your friend’s van do all that? Probably not.

Your belongings are actually insured and safe

When you recruit friends and family to help you move, there’s no guarantees if — and when — your stuff breaks. Professional movers on the other hand have insurance in the rare event this happens as well as the commitment to take extra good care of your stuff. It’s just their everyday job!

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