Facts About Heating and Cooling – How You Can Save!

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Heating and cooling systems are amazing things. Everybody loves the ability to have their home at the perfect temperature no matter the season — heating systems in winter, a cooling system in summer, keeping yourself comfortable no matter what.

But what about the cost of these things?

According to statistics, air conditioning amounts for about 5% of all the electricity produced in the United States. The annual cost of this luxury is more than $11 billion. The average American home spends around 2.7% of their annual income on electricity, which amounts to around $2,000 per year, on average. That’s a fair bit of money for some comfort.

The good news, for those of you with a love of home improvement, is that these things are becoming less expensive as time goes on. New air conditioners use 50% less power than they did 20 years ago and produce the same lovely results. They also last far longer than they used to, around 10 to 15 years longer, so there’s not much need to contact your local HVAC repair company, unless you’re having issues with heating or cooling leakage, in which case I would recommend calling immediately, as that can amount to 20% to 40% of your heating and cooling system’s energy being lost.

Another good idea to reduce energy costs is to allow your heating and cooling systems time to rest when you leave. Yes, that means that you might not have the perfect home temperature when you come back, but you might also save a few hundred dollars a year by doing so. Which is always nice! It’s a shame that we have to pay such high prices for comforts, but what can you do? Controlling the very temperature of a space has a cost, right?

There are other ways to reduce the costs of your heating and cooling. Mainly making sure your home is properly insulated, cleaning your condenser coil (inside your air conditioning unit), and making sure all filters are probably checked and dusted regularly. That ensures that you have proper air flow and that your machines don’t need to work as hard, thus saving energy and money. These are all good ways to shave costs for your comforts.

Air conditioning and heating is a luxury, but that doesn’t mean it has to be priced like one!

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