4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your New Carpet

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Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on new carpeting, only to have it ruined a couple of months later? New carpet feels fresh and gives a welcoming feel to your house. Yet, the newness tends to wear off rather quickly. One stain is followed by another, and before you know it, you are not making the same effort to keep it looking new. What if you could purchase a carpet that looked new for longer and was more resistant to staining and wear and tear? It may be that you are not purchasing the right types of carpet.

Evaluate quality levels
Many homeowners go into remodels with a strict budget in mind. Although it is important to have a budget to prevent spending more than you can afford, this can leave you purchasing lower quality of materials. This often results in spending more, over time. If you choose a lower quality floor covering material to save a couple of hundred dollars, you may find yourself replacing that same carpet years before a higher quality material.

Instead of purchasing solely based on price, consider other important factors as well. Request carpet floor design patterns that are both durable and stain resistant. Do further research to test these statements. Just because specific floor design patterns claim to be stain resistant does not mean that they are of high quality. Look up reviews and inquire about any manufacturer warranties. Sometimes, you can have your carpet replaced by the manufacturer if it turns out to be not as durable as they initially claimed.

Consider comfort in your selection
Carpet is often thought of as a more comfortable floor pattern material. You can sit on the floor and play with young children in a room that is carpeted. You may not do the same in a room covered with tiles or hardwood floors. However, in order for a room to be comfortable, it must be installed with comfort induced carpet designs. In most cases, the comfort is provided by the type and amount of padding underneath the carpet, but the upper level carpet and flooring is also important.

Carpet padding designed for a residence is usually between five and eight pounds per cubic foot. The higher amount of thickness in padding results in increased comfort. Lower padding sizes are usually used in less frequented areas, such as the garage, basement, or entry room. Carpet padding is typically one half inch at the thickest and can be thinner than one fourth inch. It is also important to note that thinner degrees of carpet padding tend to wear out much quicker, resulting in having to change it more frequently.

Always opt for stain resistance
Stain resistant carpeting is coated with a protective barrier. This may be the most important feature in protecting and extending the life of your carpet. You may be tempted to forgo this added cost, but it is worth the cost by allowing you keep your new carpet fresher, for a longer period of time. Always opt for the stain resistant covering when planning your carpet installation. Your floor design patterns will be protected and you will be glad you did, when you start seeing spills and accidents on your new carpet.

Consider hypoallergenic materials
Flooring is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It can easily harbor allergens that can affect breathing quality. Simple vacuum cleaners do not clean these areas thoroughly enough, and the majority of people do not have regular enough carpet cleanings. Studies suggest carpets reduce allergens. In Sweden, when carpet usage decreased by 70%, allergic reactions within the general population increased by 30%.

It may seem like carpet flooring is not as popular as it once was. Many homeowners are replacing carpeting in rooms like the living and family rooms with hardwood floors. However, carpets remain the most preferred floor design patterns when it comes to bedrooms. When you are choosing the best type of carpet for your house, consider higher quality materials for longer time between replacements. Also, remember to factor in comfort and a reduction in allergens.

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