DIY Sliding Glass Doors Repair for Homeowners

DIY Sliding Glass Doors Repair for Homeowners

Sliding glass doors that don’t slide or get stuck easily can be an annoying thing to deal with. But before spending on a brand-new sliding door, there are still ways how to fix your sliding doors. Here are some basic things to do in sliding glass doors repair.

Tip #1 is one of the easiest things to do in sliding glass doors repair is to adjust the adjustment screws that control the roller assemblies of your sliding door.

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They are located on the bottom of each side of the door, and using a screwdriver, you can adjust them; if the problem persists, it’s either the roller assemblies are broken, or they’re seized up and may require fixing or replacing them, and you may likely have the door pulled out. To do this:

step 1 – start by removing the screen from the outside. You can either use a putty knife to get underneath the wheels and pop it out or unscrew the bolts to loosen the screws.
Step 2 – Find a few screws that need unscrewing; inspect the door brackets. Pull the fixed glass door towards the center of the frame to remove it from the edge of the frame.
Step 3 – pick and pull out the bottom of the door pulling the whole door away from the bracket. Remove the door and set it aside.


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