Day in the Life of a Plumbing Service Contractor

Day in the Life of a Plumbing Service Contractor

Heading to a customer’s home that’s new to plumbing service. It appears that a pressure regulator is required. It’s first and foremost a matter of checking the pressure and a few other things to make sure they’re all in place for safety, as well as checking the water dispenser and anything else that could need to be addressed.

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Then come up with a few ideas and see if we can finish it on the same day. We then proceeded with the pressure regulator because the customer had opted to do so first.

The next customer needed a plumbing service to fix a water heater that was wobbly. I went there, but no one was home.

So we proceed on to the third customer, who is concerned about a leak in their water main or something else that is causing their water bill to increase. The first step is to look around the house and make sure everything is in working order, including the toilets. The next step is to turn off the water supply and inspect the water meter for any loose connections. Then I called the office because it looks that the team that fixes outside utilities should be able to resolve the issue.


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