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Do you love shopping for new furniture for your home? You are certainly not alone because statistics show that furniture such as that sold by Lexington furniture stores are slated to increase because people will have more access to disposable income.

Many people consider using interior design services when considering a new furniture purchase from Lexington furniture stores. According to Yahoo, the interior design business in American generates about $8 billion dollars in revenue every year. And, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the design industry will see a 19 percent growth rate from 2010 to 2020. Interestingly, the interior design industry is highly fragmented. Numbers show that the 50 biggest design companies in the United States make only 10 percent of the total revenue.

When using design services to help you take pieces from Lexington furniture stores, you should understand some basic facts about interior design. There are basically two types of interior design, decorative and structural. Structural design focuses on the placement of windows, doors, and walls that can create a functional space for the required purpose.

Decorative interior design will take the existing space and use decorating techniques, such as the placement of pieces from Lexington furniture stores to create a beautiful room or space.

You may be interested in other collections found in Lexington furniture stores, such as Huntington House furniture or Baker furniture. A high end interior designer can discuss your style and tastes to find the best pieces for you. You may want the look of a country villa or even a European estate. Or perhaps, you want the sleek, clean lines of modern furnishings.

You may be looking for entire suites of furniture from Lexington furniture stores. These can include bedroom sets, dining room furniture, family room furniture and more. You may just need one or two individual pieces to bring a new look to your room.

An interior designer can also help you places those pieces from Lexington furniture stores to create a good flow for traffic. This can be especially important for family rooms where you want to make sure that your family can enjoy the space whether you are watching television or playing games.
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