An Interview With Jeremy Holladay of 3D Air Services

Jeremy Holladay is the general manager of 3D Air Services, an HVAC company that serves residents of the Pelham, AL area. Mr. Holladay has been in the HVAC trade for more than two decades and has worked for three different companies. We sat down to talk about his experiences and what running a business is like for him.

Mr. Holladay, how did you develop the skills and experience you need to run this type of business?

Field experience and various training terms.

Do you have a specific business plan, and has it always remained the same?

Yes. We’ve made several adjustments.

Have you run into any particular challenges that have made it tough to succeed?

We are not the only ones doing this.

Competition always makes things difficult! Were there times you have wanted to give up? And how did you overcome them?

Yes, stick to my work ethic.

3D Air Services is located at 1001 Yeager Parkway in Pelham, AL. To learn more about the company, visit 3D Air Services can be contacted via email at or by phone at (205)-664-3501.

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