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Cabinets Still Sit At The Top Of The Pack  Combining Functionality With Aesthetic For Your Kitchen

Cabinets Still Sit At The Top Of The Pack Combining Functionality With Aesthetic For Your Kitchen

Renovation can seem like a really big task sometimes. Where do you get started with so many options at your disposal?

Functional and decorative, a new cabinet can solve several problems at once. Not only are they fairly simple to put together — barring the most complex of designs — they can fit just about anywhere. A cabinet for the bathroom can hold all those spare towels and toilet paper rolls you can’t fit elsewhere. A cabinet for the kitchen can be used to show off your antique plates or keep some pretty plants. For those that are getting down and dirty with the art of homeownership, the list below will get you started on the right track.

From undermount drawer slides to accent lighting, we’re going to explore some fun ideas to get you that successful homeowner project you’ve been dreaming about.

Did You Know?

Time for some fun facts to get you into the building mood! According to an interesting study on home design choices, it’s been found nearly 50% of MIllennials are more likely to choose white kitchen cabinets. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, were hovering closer to 40%. The American kitchen cabinet demand is expected to grow significantly over the coming years, with 2021 expected to rake in $17 billion. On a general scale, homeowners remodel more than 10 million kitchens and 15 million bathrooms every single year.

Cabinets Are Highly Functional And Fit Anywhere

There’s a reason why the cabinet, undermount drawer slides, and decorative hinges have remained the cool kid of homeowning projects. They vary in size, shape, and color, able to be put just about anywhere with minimal effort. Their ability to carry a number of items — and keep them out of the way — only further cements them as an addition not to be overlooked. According to a study on remodeling, cabinets account for 40% to 50% of total kitchen renovation costs. If you’re a homeowner that wants a more practical kitchen, you know where to start looking!

Embrace Your Creative Side With Cabinet Decorations

Does it all end with hammering the thing together? Far from it! Cabinets are the perfect place to unleash your creative side and have a blast. Cabinet lighting is one area you can consider if you’re installing your new addition in the living room or dining room — accent lighting can be strewn above or inside, adding a romantic glow to the project. Your drawer slides can be painted and your doors can be outfitted with quaint cabinet furniture knobs.

Make Sure You’re Choosing The Best Tools For The Job

You absolutely do not want your cabinet sliding down to crash on the floor. This is where some reliable materials come in. Alongside your undermount drawer slides make sure you’re getting a good nail and clamp set. These should all be bought in the same place, as you can make things worse by mixing and matching incompatible parts. Take some measurements of the inner and outer workings before you buy so you can save yourself the frustration.

Draft Out Your Plan And Get Started On Your Project Early

Don’t leave your dream to collect dust! Grab a notepad or your phone and start drafting out what you hope to see from your cabinets. Sketch out your design and add in all the little details you want to paint…or just jot down some notes concerning the best undermount drawer slides! Back in 2018 nearly 15% of homeowners were planning on making improvements to their kitchens. Time moves fast, so get started early and keep your dream alive with little details.

A good cabinet will help you reduce clutter, improve the state of your home, and even give you a home value boost. What’s not to love?

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