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A Single Power Outage Can Cost You Thousands  Staying Prepared With Whole Home Generator Pricing

A Single Power Outage Can Cost You Thousands Staying Prepared With Whole Home Generator Pricing

Emergencies don’t wait until you’re fully prepared.

You can apply this to sudden injuries on-the-clock. You can apply them to a baby deciding it wants to be born three days early. When it comes to your home, no expense is too much. When all it takes is a heavy storm to make your power go out — affecting all that’s within — it pays to be proactive. Whole home generator pricing is just a sliver of your concerns when it comes to a bad day.

Are standby generators a useful investment? Take a look below and see how much trouble you can save with just one generator installation.

Power Outages Can Last For Days And Put You in Danger

Do you remember the last time you dealt with a power outage? Sometimes a home is lucky and only has to deal with a few hours of no light. Other times these incidents can last for days and compromise your ability to do business as usual. According to recent federal data, the American electric grid loses power over 285% more often than in the 1980’s, when data collection on these occurrences first began. Never think for a second that this event won’t happen to your home or business.

You Can Lose Money To Wasted Food And Ruined Electronics

What’s even more frustrating than having no light? Seeing your food go to waste. A common rule-of-thumb is as follows — power that is out for less than four hours should see your food in the fridge and freezer doing fine. It is, however, smart to use a food thermometer to check the temperature before you cook or eat it. Your electronics can also be hit with data loss or power surges, too, so consider investing in a surge protector.

American Energy Costs Are High Enough As It Is

You don’t need any more concerns on your plate. The average American home today spends 3% of their income on energy bills. That’s as much as $2,000 every year…and this can be even higher if you work from home or have a large family. The first six months of 2014, thanks to a data survey on energy loss, saw 130 reported grid outages. With whole home generator pricing you can find the right back-up plan to keep you from losing even more cash.

Small And Large Businesses Benefit From Being Prepared, Too

Are you a business trying to make every dollar count? You might want to pull out a generator size calculator. A recent report by the DOE found power outages cost American businesses a collective $150 billion every year — weather-related disruptions took up the bulk of the blame. The type of generator you need depends on how much you’re trying to protect, how often you think you’ll use it, and whether or not you already have one in place. Whole home generator pricing will further whittle these down to hard numbers.

Whole Home Generator Pricing Goes A Long Way

When you want to protect your investment with little effort on your part, you turn to the benefits of an emergency generator. The size of the generator needed depends on what, exactly, you want to supply power to. Tally up how many electronics and appliances you have to start, then move from there. Keep in mind that many electronic devices need more current, so choose a peak power rating that is a little higher than your calculated need. Most experts today suggest 4,000 peak watts or more for households.

Stay safe. Save money. Whole home generator pricing will be your security net when a day turns sour.

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