A Single Power Outage Can Cost You Thousands Preparing Ahead Of Time With An Emergency Generator

It pays to be prepared. This goes for just about everything in life, especially a house that needs to stay running at all times.

Generator installation is just one of many ways to make sure life never sneaks up on you. With winter on the way and a bevy of storms just around the corner, it’ll pay off big time to have standby generators on in case the worst happens. Power outages can happen just about anywhere, particularly in areas prone to extreme weather. You can lose money with spoiled food and short-circuited electronics. There’s also the general feeling of unease knowing your world has suddenly gone dark for hours or even days.

If this is your first time considering an emergency generator, you’re in luck. Whole house generators come in a variety of prices and are all easy to install with the aid of a professional.

Energy Consumption In The United States

The United States is a massive country with a large population. It only makes sense it would be struggling with an energy crisis. A significant amount of the country’s total energy output goes to heating and cooling costs alone. On a slightly smaller scale? The average American home will spend nearly 3% of its income on energy bills. That’s as much as $2,000 a year. A generator may seem like a big investment now, but you’ll be glad to have it on your side when the lights suddenly shut off.

The Growth Of Energy Conservation Tactics

You’re not the only homeowner considering how best to conserve on energy. In fact, businesses are also putting some time and effort into generators to save money. Power outages cost American businesses as much as $150 billion per year, thanks to a recent DOE report, and weather-related disruptions are the most costly of them all. Figuring out your installation requirements now will ensure you’re not suddenly out of pocket during a surprise incident. A lot can go wrong when you leave your home up to chance.

Costs Of Sudden Power Outages

What are the costs of power outages and why should you take them more seriously? As explored above, power outages are notoriously bad for business. They affect equipment and affect employees’ ability to work, creating downtime with serious consequences. Homeowners also have a lot to worry about. Your refrigerator being shut off can spoil your food, which is nothing to say of lost data when your electronics blink off. A generator will give you peace-of-mind throughout the year, even when you’re not using it.

General Safety And Preparation Tips

What else should you know before looking into generator installation? If your power is out for less than four hours it’s generally believed your food in both the refrigerator and freezer will be safe to consume. It’s better to be safe than sorry, though. Use a food thermometer to check the temperature before you cook or eat it, as anything more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit will have an increased risk of being spoiled or contaminated. You should also keep candles, flashlights and batteries on standby until your generator is finished.

Why You Should Install A Generator

A little preparation now pays off big in the future. The problem is actually appreciating possible bad outcomes for what they are. Taking these statistics seriously is your best weapon when it comes to sudden storms or tampering from outside parties. The size of the generator you need can be determined easily by what you intent to supply power to. A tailgate party where you’re running video systems and warming trays could have you getting by with a generator producing 1,000 watts. If you want to run your entire household during a power failure, something with more current is best.

Stay prepared. Look into generator installers this year and breathe a little easier.

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