Your House Might Need a New Coat of Paint

Your house’s curb appeal matters more than you think. With the right landscaping, lawn maintenance, and paint colors, your home will be a neighborhood stand-out. The colors you choose to style the exterior of your house can often tell a passerby a lot about your character and personality, and explain just how much you care about the upkeep of our […]

Give Your Kitchen an Easy Facelift

The housing collapse hit this country hard, and the effects are still being felt. As the country slowly recovers, many people who would have otherwise purchased new homes are being a little more circumspect, and opting to upgrade their current homes instead. The logic is, by the time they decide they’re finally ready to sell, the market will have rebounded […]

Reduce the Costs of Company Relocation

Did you know that there are about 40 million corporate relocations in the United States every year? Although businesses relocate for a number of different reasons, relocation usually occurs for positive reasons like growth and expansion. Even if the reason for the move is nothing but good news, that doesn’t take away the fact that corporate relocation can be stressful […]