Repairman Running Late? Use These Crazy Tips for Staying Comfortable


When the temperatures get extreme, both in the winter and summer, most Americans use their HVAC systems to stay comfortable. Unfortunately, over time, even the most reliable systems can break down and cause homeowners to need to invest in air and heating repairs. In order to save a bit of money by avoiding those pesky heating and cooling repairs, or while just waiting for a contractor to show up, there are a few things anyone can do to stay comfortable. Some happen to be a lot more silly than you realize.
During the 2012 Heat Wave, The Huffington Post shared some of the funniest ways to keep cool without cranking the AC.

  • A generator on the back of a car attached to a window AC unit for when the car AC goes out too.
  • Ice trays and frozen water bottles taped to the back of a fan can spread cold air.
  • A fan duct-taped to the ceiling given the inappropriate label of a “ceiling fan.”
  • Pulling open the refrigerator door and having a fan spread the air college dorm style.
  • String hanging from a picket fence holding up a tarp re-purposed as a pool.

Considering the Polar Vortex and the brutally-cold temperatures it brought, you might also want to use some of HuffPo’s funniest products for staying warm. They are all a great alternative to spending hundreds on air and heating repairs.

  • An electrical pajama warming pouch for before you go to bed.
  • A pair of slippers that you can put in the microwave to keep your feet toasty.
  • Body pillows that plug into an electrical outlet and warm up just like a heated blanket.
  • When working from home, you might enjoy the heated shawl that plugs into a USB port.
  • Smoking mittens make it easy to take a drag if waiting for a heating system repair pro is stressing you out.

Though these methods might be good for a laugh or two, and might even keep your comfortable for a little while, you should always make sure to have AC and heating repair companies inspect your system and perform maintenance if it is not working properly. It might be the only way to make sure that, no matter how wild the weather gets, you won’t have to resort to crazy ideas and products to stay comfortable. For more information see this.

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