Tips and Tricks to a Safer Experience Cleaning Your Gutters

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    Dirty gutters

    Your gutters are an important part of the protection of your home. Without them in place, water from rain and snow would pool at the base of your home. Its proximity to your foundation would put your home at risk. After you have had your gutter installation done, your job is not over. Proper maintenance of your gutters can make a big difference in the well being of your home. Here are some tips to have a better experience when you clean your gutters.

    1. Be careful on ladders. Before you head on up to clean out your gutters, make sure someone knows you are planning to do the job. Also, get a decent ladder to do the job. Professional gutter cleaners consider the ladder to be one of the most important pieces of equipment they use when doing their job. You should make sure the ladder you use has a decent shelf for the tools you will need to clean dirty gutters.
    2. Make good use of your garden hose. One of the best tools you have at your disposal when you are working on your rain gutters is your garden hose. If you do not have it already, get yourself a spray nozzle. This is one of the best things you can use to clean out your gutters. The best kind of nozzle is easy to adjust with just one hand.
    3. Look into gutter scoops. If you have just had a gutter installation done, you may not have your own gutter scoop. This is another great tool that can help you get all of the dirt, debris and whatever else has fallen into your gutters. This kind of tool works best because it can conform to the shape of the bottom of your gutter. Be careful to not scratch your gutters in the course of cleaning them. That can lead to costly gutter repairs.
    4. Wear gloves when you clean your gutters. There are a lot of nasty things that can find their way into your gutters. Squirrel and bird waste can drop in. Decomposing leaves can rest there a long time before you clean them out. All of these things can become breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria. You want to avoid cleaning you gutters with bare hands. There are often sharp objects in gutters that can lead to some nasty cuts and scrapes.
    5. Wear goggles. All of those nasty things that can pile up in gutters can hurt your eyes as well as your hands. If you have a clog in your drain, gutter or downspout, a number of things an be lurking behind the clog. Bees, bats, birds, rats or wasps can be hiding behind a clog. Wearing something to protect your eyes from these creatures can keep you safe.
    6. Do not neglect your roof. If you clean out your gutters without cleaning your roof, you are leaving the job unfinished. Most of the materials that end up in your gutters, were on your roof first. You will need to redo your gutter cleaning job almost immediately if you do not take the time to get all of the branches, leaves and other debris from your roof. You may end up needing a new gutter installation done sooner if you never clean off your roof when you clean your gutters.
    7. Wear the right shoes. Most gutter installation experts wear rubber shoes when they are at work. There are good reasons for this. Shoes that have rubber soles make it harder to slip and fall off of your ladder or roof while you are cleaning out your gutters. Bt the same measure, you should schedule any work you have to do on your roof for later in the day when it is more dry. Whatever steps you take to be safe when you are on your roof or on your ladder, is a good plan to stay safe.

    New gutter installations are expensive. Keeping an eye on the health and happiness of your gutters is an important thing that every home owner needs to think about and follow through on. As important as keeping your gutters clean and clear is, you also need to stay protected from injury. These tips will help.

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