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    Indoor Air Pollution Is Worse Than Outdoor Air Pollution Have You Cleaned Your Ducts Lately?

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    What are your vents supposed to accomplish?

    Quite a few things, if they’re working right. They aren’t just supposed to keep your room temperature sound, they’re supposed to regularly circulate common contaminants out of the air and away from your family. This isn’t easy to do, however, when cleaning your ducts is a chore you haven’t gotten around to in far too long. In fact, a neglected duct can cause more damage in the long-term than no air duct at all. What does this mean for your insulating attic roof or air duct repair?

    Here are a few simple reasons to get you reaching for the phonebook and calling up the nearest professional duct cleaning service this week.

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    Homeowners Can Save 15% On Their Energy Bill Every Year With This Modern Installation

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    Your home is composed of many, many parts. Just like the muscles in your body, all of these need to be carefully looked after if they’re to work in cohesion.

    Residential windows are responsible for protecting your home, regulating temperature and keeping your wallet in the green. Sadly, many American homes are still struggling with out-of-date models that make them waste money instead of saving. The best windows today are designed with protective layers to ensure no heat or cold escapes, tougher locks and more eco-friendly materials. If you’re growing frustrated with the aftermath of old windows, replacement windows are an affordable and very smart way to bring out the best your home has to offer.

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    Six Important Things to Know About a Home Remodel

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    What are the benefits of doing a remodel to your home, and what are other people doing? If you’re wondering whether to bite the bullet and hire some general contractors, read on.

    Who is Remodeling?

    Everyone, really. A recent survey showed that a lot of homeowners, about two-thirds, are planning to renovate. That’s good reason to consider hiring some general contractors and get going on your own remodel, lest your home value fall behind.

    What is Being Remodeled?

    About 76% of people are doing their kitchen when they do home renovations. Another 90% are changing up the style of their master bathroom when they upgrade their home. The National Association of Home Builders reports that general contractors are working o