Why You Should Invest in Tree Pruning

Why You Should Invest in Tree Pruning

As this video explains, tree pruning keeps trees healthier. An arborist knows when to prune each tree type, and that’s important because pruning a tree at the wrong time can harm it. A professional tree trimmer also owns the appropriate tools for trimming trees and cleans them properly before each use.

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If you prune a sick plant and then use the same tools on a healthy plant without sanitizing them, it can pass the sick plant’s illness to the healthy ones because bacteria travels on the tools.

Shrubs and hedges also require pruning. Their pruning schedule varies depending on whether they flower in spring or summer. Some trees, such as pines and spruces, you should only prune if needed to contain their size. For example, if a pine tree grows so large and bushy that its branches brush your home, it needs trimming.

To find a talented local arborist who can help keep your trees healthy, consult with your family and friends. Ask them which services have done the best work for them. Next, check local review websites to learn what the arborist’s clients say about their work. Instead of trying to climb a tree and complete this dangerous work yourself, hire an arborist.

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