Which Kind of Lift is Right For My Project?

Boom lift rental rates

Contractors use lifts to enable workers to complete tasks at great heights. Rather than take the time and put in the money to build scaffolding, a construction company can simply rent a lift machine in order to complete their work quickly and efficiently.

Types of Lifts

  1. Aerial Scissor Lifts: Also called table lifts, aerial scissor lifts are more or less platforms with wheels similar to a forklift. They are great for completing tasks that require mobility and speed. The design of the scissor lift is unique because it doesn?t have a straight support to lift workers; instead, the platform raises when the folding supports underneath come together.
  2. Boom Lifts:

    • Telescopic: These lifts are extra long, reaching up to 140 feet and providing a greater horizontal reach than any other type of boom lift rentals. They are the ideal lift equipment rental for construction projects like road building, bridge work, landscaping, and painting.
    • Articulated: This type of lift uses hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower. It can rotate a full 360 degrees and can also access spots higher than most boom lifts. They are typically operated from a basket, so they are highly efficient.
    • Towable: Also known as trailer mounted boom lifts, these lifts are equipped with a built-in towing feature. They are ideal for congested job sites because they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. They are light enough to operate on lawns and gymnasium floors, and they are perfect if you are renting equipment for home renovations.
  3. Telescopic Handlers: Also called telehandlers or extendible reach forklifts, these lifts are exceptionally strong, capable of lifting heavy loads to great heights. It is also a versatile machine as it comes with a number of different attachments that could be useful for construction, farming, landscaping, masonry, and more.
  4. Carry Deck Cranes: Carry deck cranes can lift loads up to 30,000 lbs. They are specifically designed for workplace use and are self-propelled. They are highly mobile, compact, and easy to maneuver.
  5. Personnel Lifts: Portable like a ladder but stable like an aerial platform, personnel lifts are easy to assemble and transport. They are perfect for indoor use and can be used on fragile surfaces.

It is important to understand the details about each type of lift so that you can rent the best kind for your project.
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