What You Should Ask Prospective Roofing Contractors

What You Should Ask Prospective Roofing Contractors

Have you decided that it’s time for a new roof? Maybe you’re looking to change up the overall aesthetics of your home. Maybe your roof is old with many issues that would be too costly to repair. Maybe you will be selling your home in the near future and are hoping for a return on investment. No matter the reason, you need to make sure you hire a quality roof contractor otherwise your goals will be for nothing. In this video, you will learn some essential questions you should ask your roof contractor to ensure you hire the best possible candidate.

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One thing you should ask a roofing contractor is if they are certified by the manufacturer of the roofing material, for example, of the shingles. Certified roofers will be more likely to have a warranty from the manufacturer that could benefit you in the future. For safety considerations, you should also make sure they are Osha certified. There are several more questions you should ask, and the video will cover all of them.


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