What to Expect From Your Septic Installation

What to Expect From Your Septic Installation

This video has all the details you need to know about septic installation and the septic company you need to choose for septic installation needs.

Septic service professionals recommend that the average home’s septic system be evaluated every three years at the absolute least. Typical septic tank pumping intervals range from three to five years for residential septic tanks.

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Float switches, pumps, and mechanical components in alternative systems should be examined more often, typically once a year. Due to the use of mechanical parts, a service contract is necessary.

If your septic tank has a scum and sludge layer, a septic service company will inspect it for leaks.

Maintain a log of all septic system repairs and upkeep.

To prevent the sludge and scum from exiting your tank, your septic tank has a T-shaped outlet. If the bottom of the scum layer or the top of the sludge layer is within six inches or 12 inches of the exit, you should have your tank pumped.

Write down the sludge and scum levels detected by the septic professional to keep track of when to pump out your tank.

Your tank’s condition should be noted in your service report by the service provider. Hire a repairman as soon as possible if additional repairs are needed.

To find out more about septic company, watch the full video.

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