What Home Improvement Projects Should I Consider Now?

What Home Improvement Projects Should I Consider Now?

As the year concludes, you may be trying to find ways to upgrade your home. Thanks to sites like YouTube and Facebook, it’s easy to find a home improvement video for inspiration. It’s time to look around your home and see what areas need the most work. From kitchen remodels to pool installations, there are many things a home improvement video may cover. Use this article as a helpful guide for home improvement projects you should consider now.

1. Kitchen Remodel

Did you know kitchen remodeling is the number one choice for homeowners upgrading their homes? The popularity of this type of remodeling shouldn’t come as a shock, since the kitchen is often the center of a home. Whether you have a small condo or a multi-storied mansion, a beautiful kitchen plays a major role in home comfort. After all, your kitchen is where you eat, prep your food, store your food, and sometimes gather guests. Having a functional kitchen in any home is a must, so take advantage of the different designs and appliances available.

Any home improvement video that focuses on kitchen upgrades will always feature something related to the kitchen cabinet. After all, your kitchen cabinets are not only a stand-out feature in your kitchen design, but they’re responsible for the majority of your storage. These days, cabinets come in a range of designs and materials. You could always work with the existing cabinetry that came with your home or invest in custom cabinetry services.

If you don’t feel a need to remove your existing cabinetry, have cabinet painters work their magic to change their look. Cabinet refinishing involves sanding down the outermost layer of your cabinet surfaces. The final result is a beautiful finish that makes the cabinets look new again. With cabinet refinishing, you can keep the design of the natural wood exposed by covering it in a transparent or semi-transparent sealant. For a more opaque look, let finishers paint them to match or contrast against your kitchen walls.

No kitchen remodeling project is complete without countertops. If your existing countertops are outdated or looking worn down, it may be time to finally get some upgraded granite, marble, or quartz countertops. Granite is still the number one option for American homeowners as it’s considered a sign of luxury, can last at least a couple of decades, and has unique properties, where no two slabs of granite are the same. Do you remember those beautiful marbles you probably played with as a child and may still use them as decoration? Well, imagine a gigantic slab of that on your kitchen counter and islands. When it comes to quartz countertops, you have a beautiful engineered stone that can be customized to suit the color or design of any kitchen theme.

2. Bath Remodel

It should be easy to find a home improvement video online that talks about ideas for a beautiful bathroom model. Bath remodeling is second place to kitchen remodeling in popularity. Like your kitchen, your bathroom is a room you use several times every day. So you want your bath design to create a space that is as comfortable and functional as possible.

When you’re reviewing a new countertop and storage design for your kitchen, you can make the same updates for your bathroom. A professional bathroom remodeler understands how vital storage is in your bathroom. They’ll likely install a bathroom vanity, so it’ll be easier for you to get ready in the morning. A vanity, combined excess storage, a beautiful countertop, and a large mirror for getting ready. You could have even more bathroom storage over your toilet space as well as in-wall shelving built into your showers. When updating the drywall in your bathroom, it provides more room for built-in storage, such as a built-in medicine cabinet.

Uses a great deal of water, so now is the time to update your fixtures. A typical bathroom home improvement video will likely feature a rainfall shower and vintage bathtub. Would a rainfall shower? You can have an enhanced showering experience every day. Your plumber can also install additional shower heads. If you enjoy taking long, comfortable socks in the bathtub, a vintage claw foot tub is the right choice. Having a separate tub and shower not only adds to your overall bathroom design but can also make your bathing experience a lot easier. After all, if you don’t have to climb into a tub to shower, you can reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. Plus you also have a more enhanced shower design, as you can have shower tiles that go all the way down to the floor and even become a part of the floor design itself.

Ventilation is vital in a functioning bathroom. Proper ventilation allows you to quickly get rid of nasty smells after relieving yourself. However, it also protects your bathroom and the overall safety of your home. Because your bathroom is such a wet room, it’s a breeding ground for mold. It only takes 24 to 72 hours for mold to sprout in a wet environment, according to CNET. When your bathroom doesn’t have the opportunity to properly dry out, it’s too easy for you for it to develop a mold infestation. When mold begins growing in your bathroom, it can affect your and your family’s respiratory health. Problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and lung infections can become exacerbated with the presence of mold. Plus, some mold is toxic and can create even worse health problems.

Ease your ventilation rose by installing an in-wall ventilation fan. You can kick things up a notch by installing a bathroom window. With a bathroom window, you can easily wake up in the morning as the sun shines in as you shower. Enjoy a romantic nighttime bath soak under the moonlight.

3. Landscaping and Hardscaping

With so many Americans seeing the value of outdoor living space, several home improvement videos can give you ideas. The need for more outdoor living space has gone up during and since the pandemic. After all, having a proper living space outdoors gives you access to tons of nature, which means fresh air and beautiful views. With the expertise of outdoor living contractors, you’re bound to create a design that you, your family, and friends can enjoy.

One of the simplest aspects of outdoor living construction includes retaining walls. Retaining walls aren’t just for visual purposes, as they’re also good for the health of your soil and property. Retaining walls helps prevent erosion or flooding. These types of walls can be built in a variety of materials that your hardscapers specialize in, such as stone, brick, or cement.

If you haven’t already built a deck or patio, now is the time to do so. Decks and patios can also be made from various hardscaping materials such as cement, brick, stone, or wood. Outdoor specialists may also use a combination of these materials to create and enhance the design you’ll love to show off. A patio is usually a flat surface, whereas a deck can often be elevated. Don’t worry if you live in an area with inclement weather. You can still enjoy the benefits of your outdoor living space with the right design. After all, your deck or patio builder can create an enclosure around the space so you can have just as much fun relaxing on your deck or patio with a warm drink in winter or a cocktail in summer.

You can do so much more once you have your patio or deck built. Use home improvement videos to give you ideas regarding how to enhance this outdoor space. One of the popular additions to a deck includes an outdoor kitchen. With the holidays coming up, you’re bound to be entertaining friends or family at some point. Imagine the holiday festivities you can have when an outdoor kitchen is at your disposal. Celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve will be like never before. Thanks to outdoor cooking facilities, you can protect the inside of your home from smoky or smelly foods like fish or BBQ. Plus, you’ll have additional space to prep and cook. So why not put family and friends to work helping to construct the party meal?

Don’t forget about adding a fire pit. Fire pits have also gained great popularity with outdoor enthusiasts because they provide an opportunity to have a small open fire. You can use your fire pit just to help create a more romantic or cozy ambiance during the cold winter months. Or you could bust out the marshmallows and hot dogs. Gather around the fire and have your own makeshift camping session right from the comfort of your deck.

4. Roof Replacement

A typical home improvement video will easily recommend replacing your roof. After all, your roof is a major part of your home structure, safety, and curb appeal. The right roof prevents elements from coming inside by way of leaks. If you are having problems with leaks or insulation, it’s time to call a local roofer. A local roofer understands the best type of materials both for your home design and overall climate. So if you’re not sure what type of roofing is best for your home, let the professionals guide you when it comes to residential roof replacement.

If you live in an area with high winds, you want a highly durable roof that can withstand those conditions. Metal roofing has continued to gain popularity because of such durability that can resist the high impact of winds as well as fire prevention. Matter of fact, a metal roof has a Class A level rating when it comes to fire safety. According to Bob Vila, this type of roofing material lasts 50 to 70 years. So if you get this type of roof installed, it’ll not only likely outlast your lifetime but may outlast your heirs who inherit your home.

Your new roof can also be beneficial for your insulation. After all, if water can get in through your roof, air can also escape out. When you suffer heat loss in your home, it can cause your HVAC system to work overtime. The more energy your AC unit burns, the higher those bills will rise. Plus, it’ll be hard to keep your home nice and warm during these cold winter months, which can make it uncomfortable for you and your family. So, for your overall comfort and to help your home budget, add “roof replacement” to your home improvement video search.

5. Pool Installation

Are you tired of going to the local public pool to get some swim time? Do you worry about how many germs and bacteria may be circling in those public pool spaces from all the people in there who may not be very sanitary? Ease yourself and your family from such a burden by calling a custom pool builder. By having your own pool at home, you can add so much to your quality of life, entertainment, and home value.

According to Healthline, people should get at least 30 minutes of exercise at least five times a week. That’s more than easy to do when you have a residential pool to swim in. After all, swimming can be a fun and therapeutic way of getting regular exercise. Plus, if you don’t enjoy going to the gym, a pool is a great way to burn calories and get healthy levels of resistance against your muscles and ligaments.

The buoyancy of water provides hydrotherapy properties that can ease ligaments, arthritic pain, and sore muscles. As you design your pool patio, add a spa pool like a Jacuzzi or hot tub for extra hydrotherapy. Between a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, your home can easily become the main base for entertainment among family and friends.

As you can see, you have a range of home improvement projects to consider now. Add a swimming pool or deck, replace your roofing, and remodel the kitchen. The ideas don’t stop with this list. However, this article is a great way to get the ball started so you can have the home of your dreams going into the new year. Don’t forget, you can use online search time to find a home improvement video to help give you more ideas.

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