What a Kitchen Designer Can Do for You

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you’ve probably thought at least once about sprucing up your space. You’re not alone; according to HomeAdvisor’s 2017 True Cost Report, 80% of homeowners surveyed had home improvement projects planned. While 35% want to redo their entire house, one of the best choices is a kitchen renovation with the help of a kitchen designer.

Around 36% of remodeling jobs happen due to property damage. A bad initial design can subject a kitchen to damage from water and even fire. For example, poorly placed outlets may tempt a homeowner to use a risky extension cord, but attention to good design principles during a remodel can eliminate this and other issues.

Besides damage, old cabinets and outdated flooring make a kitchen look tired. People spend less time in a room they don’t find pleasing to the eye. The kitchen designer can tailor a custom kitchen renovation to a client’s unique style preferences.

Choose quality materials and your outlay will cost more, but you’ll get most of it back if you decide to sell. Potential buyers pay extra for top choice countertops like granite, and beautiful bamboo or ceramic tile floors. If you’re staying in your home, a pleasant, well-functioning room with new or refaced cabinetry, lots of counter space, and ample storage will feel like a fresh start.

Sound expensive? National Association of Home Buyers data estimates that homeowners spent $6,148 per project in 2017, and around $5,800 in 2016. That may seem like a lot, but even a small-scale kitchen renovation project will net an average return of 82.7%. The kitchen designer can steer you to the best choices for your budget.

Architectural Digest cites the classic kitchen triangle — sink, stove, refrigerator — as the ideal layout. Those using the kitchen should be able to move without effort between the three, but individual needs vary. Regardless of your culinary skill, you’ll find cooking and baking much easier when your kitchen designer has focused on maximizing access to those areas.

A well-planned kitchen remodel can be good for your body, too. Houzz reports that following their kitchen upgrade, one-third of homeowners say they’ve embraced a healthier lifestyle. It makes sense — a new space inspires people to adopt new behaviors, such as meal prepping and spending more time cooking fresh foods instead of relying on unhealthy grab-and-go items.

The future of remodeling looks bright; a 2% annual growth in the industry is forecast through 2025. That means lots of talented design and renovation professionals. When you evaluate kitchen remodeling services, consider engaging a kitchen designer to help you create the space of your dreams.

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