Weather the Storms with Roof Restoration – Before the Wind Blows

The adage about being blessed to have a roof over your head takes on new meaning when it comes time for that long overdue roof restoration. Even more so, if you count yourself included in the unfortunate homeowners who need roof repairs due to hail damage. According to, there were over 5,000 signigicant hail storms across the US. That number is projected to increase.

Roof restoration is also necessary for other reasons, such as age and weather-related wear, or for water or fire damage. Whether you are looking for a residential roofing company or commercial roofing services, here are some considerations.

  • Shingle repair or roof restoration?Depending on the severity of your roof’s damage or age, a roof restoration company will be able to help you determine the scope of your roof repair, and most offer professional and free roof inspections. This is particularly appealing if you have experienced damage that may be covered under your homeowner’s policy, but will require proof and an estimate from reliable roofing companies (you may be required to get at least two estimates).
  • Home improvement considerations.If you are placing your home on the market, or plan to in the near future, roof restoration may make the difference between a sale or a lower counter offer on your asking price if the buyer perceives the roof is in need of substantial roof repairs. A new roof may not increase your return on investment in its entirety, but many real estate agents will quickly point out their experience with failed home sales – all because of failed roof repair compromises.
  • Study your material options.Your home’s climate is a major factor in your choice of material for your roof restoration. Warm or wildfire-prone areas are likely to have residential restrictions on roofing materials, such as fire retardant tiles. Metal roofs are in vogue, and offermany energy-saving advantages, but may not fit within your budget. And if you live in an extreme weather climate such as “tornado alley,” where hail storms are more frequent than in other parts of the country, it might be well worth your investment to install hail resistant roofing.
  • Roof pitch and other safety considerations.While many smaller roof repair projects may be completed by the do-it-yourselfer, it is advisable to take precautions. A deeply pitched roof, for example, is best left to professional roofing companies, as are projects with slippery materials, such as slate and tile. Other unforeseen hazards can occur during a project, especially if your roof has suffered storm damage. If the damage has begun to affect the interior of your home, such as with major leaks or gaps, a roof restoration company is best suited to your home’s repairs.
  • Energy efficiency.According to most utility companies’ estimates, a roof restoration that uses material designed to withstand weather extremes can save consumers hundreds of dollars per year. Additionally, if the roof is properly installed with adequate venting and excess drainage systems, the lifespan of your roof can be prolonged considerably. Roofing contractors in your area are familiar with the most energy-efficient materials available for your market and climate.

Roof restoration may not be the most glamorous home improvement you can make for your present and future home, but it certainly may be your wisest protection plan on the market that can literally weather the storm.

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