Unique Fencing Solutions

Unique Fencing Solutions

Everyone is familiar with the appearance of chain link or wooden picket fences. What can you do with your fences to make them distinctive? Hashtag Decor looks at unique fencing solutions.

You can use natural fences made of living plants. These include privet hedges or cactus planted crosswise to make a prickly barrier.

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Flowering bushes make an effective and attractive fence. Living fences not only look great but provide a home for local birds and wildlife.

Fences can also be made with a combination of materials to create eye-catching colors and patterns. Stones or stone pavers can be placed in a frame of concrete. Solid concrete walls can have windows of metal, stone, or wood to make a fence with more privacy.

Metal fences are effective, long-lasting, and versatile. Metal can be commissioned to be twisted into shapes like animals or flowers in the center of the fence or the fence door. Metal fences can be combined with repurposed metal objects like old bicycles to make a unique and unforgettable fence.

If you do enjoy the classic look of a wooden picket fence, you can still place your unique mark on it. The tops of pickets can be carved to look like animal heads. Centers of the pickets can have small carved windows.

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