Touch-Ups And Installations The Most Commonly Requested Jobs From American Homeowners

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Home remodeling is a thriving industry in the United States. More homeowners than ever before are seeking out the materials and styles they need to transform their home from top to bottom. When you want to provide the right stock, it’s important to go to the root of the issue and see just what, exactly, is being requested and why. MDF wall panels, cabinets and fixtures are but a few of the basics you can establish right off the bat to make sure your client base is always satisfied. Whether you’re establishing a tongue and groove ceiling or designing custom drawers, it all starts with a strong foundation.

The American Home Remodeling Industry

The home remodeling industry is always needing more smart designers and hard workers to enter the fray. With demand only increasing year by year, becoming well-acquainted with MDF mouldings and renovations will help you get off on the right foot. According to a survey provided by the National Association Of Home Builders, an impressive 70% of all the requested jobs of the past few years were for kitchen remodels alone. This cemented it as the second most popular request, meaning your MDF wall panels and drawer components will see a lot of mileage for years to come.

Providing A Return On Investment

One of the more common reasons undercutting a request for a remodel is to cultivate a higher ROI. Since some homeowners plan on selling within the next few years, spending a little money to save much more down the road is an appealing goal. A minor kitchen remodel has been found to yield an average ROI of 82%, which can be something as simple as a tile installation or MDF wall panel update.

Commonly Requested Materials And Measurements

Strong materials go a long way. After all, homeowners want products that will last a decent time and provide a good foundation for future buyers. Standard measurements for kitchen cabinets are usually 30 inches high, but both 36 inches and 42 inches are frequently in stock for more elaborate set-ups. A Houzz survey revealed at least 60% of homeowners want to not just touch up their kitchen, but their master bathroom. Another 35% of remodeling jobs involved the entire home.

Creating The Best Results For Your Customers

We know that homeowners want to remodel their homes more and more often. We know that master bedrooms and bathrooms are popular choices, but kitchen remodels are quickly rising to the top as the most desirable. How can you make sure you offer everything your customer needs before they even ask? Studies have shown over half of all future buyers are actually willing to pay more for a home with hardwood floors, while cabinet replacements and drawer repairs are common attempts to boost ROI. A strong foundation starts with the right questions. What can you offer homeowners this year?

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