Top 5 Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling trends are always changing depending on aesthetic preferences and new functional innovations. Are you planning to do some bathroom remodeling in Columbus, OH? Well, several remodeling ideas can work for your space.

  1. Smart Technology Integration

Adding innovative technology to bathroom designs has become a trend now. Homeowners are selecting smart showers with programmable temperature and water flow capabilities, smart mirrors that can show you the weather and news, or even voice-enabled lighting. These technologies make morning routines and everyday activities just a bit more convenient, and luxe.

  1. Durable, Long-Wearing And Renewable Materials

More and more homeowners are thinking about sustainability in the bathroom remodeling process, and this means an increase in eco-friendly products. Some popular choices include recycled glass countertops, low-flow toilets and faucets, sustainable wood or bamboo floors, etc. These decisions will also help to reduce environmental impact and the air quality inside.

  1. Statement Bathtubs

Statement bathtubs are becoming the focal point in bathroom remodels. Homeowners are choosing stylish clawfoot tubs, streamlined updated designs, or indulgent soaking tubs for the ultimate in relaxation as well as adding both beauty and value to their homes. These tubs usually act as a focal point that the room design is based around.

  1. Spa-like Features

One of the trends in bath renovations is converting master bathrooms to spa-like retreats. Interestingly, the steam shower, the heated floor, and the towel warmer- are all elements of a luxury master bath. These ingredients make the bathroom a place where residents can relax and recharge after a hard day.

  1. Open and Accessible Layouts

Carefully considering several important factors: accessibility and ease of use are essential when it comes to bathroom remodels. Open layouts that incorporate flow and maneuverability with features like grab bars and curbless showers to aid in movement.

The inclusion of these top trends in your bathroom remodel will help ensure that your space remains well on trend and highly practical. With everything from smart tech to recycled materials, statement features to spa-like amenities, or even accessibility options, there are many ways that you can push the boat out and pamper yourself in your bathroom! Follow these simple bathroom remodeling tips that add value to your home and make you happy for years.

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