Tips for Replacing an Electrical Service Panel

Tips for Replacing an Electrical Service Panel

Everyone loves a DIY project of some shape or form. For trade workers, those DIY projects may not seem like DIY to the average person. The electrician services are done in this video shows the homeowner doing a DIY project that he had wanted to do since he bought the house. Going through the steps, he explains why he is doing things a certain way and references multiple times that this is the code in his area.

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Explaining that in a bigger city near where he lives it is similar but still different.

While a good portion of homeowners may never attempt something like this, people going into or already in the electrician services trade may find helpful tips as to why he is doing what he is doing. Giving them new ideas for homes they are wiring or a project they are called out to a home that they have never done before. Giving a resource for other tradespeople in the electrician services community to utilize in their own jobs while also creating a community for electrician services tradespeople to bounce ideas off each other.


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