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The Resale Price of Your Home Could Increase 20% If You Landscape, Experts Say

The Resale Price of Your Home Could Increase 20% If You Landscape, Experts Say

Your home may already have a nice front yard. Still, many homes that get remodeled were already in good shape. People sometimes change their homes and landscapes to make them seem slightly more modern. Other people will want to try different landscaping and home design styles. There are experienced professionals at landscaping services who can see what your yard looks like now before helping you make new plans for it.

Area landscaping won’t necessarily be as challenging as you think it is. You won’t necessarily have to change every part of the land. Many landscaping ideas for acreage spaces will give you the chance to modify some of the areas without making them look too cluttered. People who have lots of acres around their houses often want to emphasize them. Simple farm entrance landscaping won’t make the area look smaller. You’ll just make it clear that you put effort into your landscape design at that time.

The landscaping ideas for lake house properties may or may not genuinely incorporate the lake itself in some way. You might want the space surrounding the lake to look completely natural. That said, professionals can avoid giving your landscape an artificial appearance as well.



If you are a homeowner and are thinking of making some major changes to your yard, make sure that you keep the trees. Unless your trees are interfering with your septic system, you should leave them in place, landscaping experts say. The value that trees can add to your home’s eventual resale price is considerable, and well-placed trees could actually cut your air conditioning bill in half during the summer months. If you have a small yard and are planning to pull some trees, make sure that you replace the trees with some shrubbery and other landscaping details. Part of what makes homes sell more rapidly is their “curb appeal,” experts say, and having a well-manicured lawn and garden could allow you to sell your home within a few weeks’ time.

If you have a smaller yard and are planning to plant trees, make sure that you pick trees that are leafy and that provide enough shade. Evergreen trees are also a popular choice for homeowners who have smaller yards: they are beautiful year-round and often do not require any pruning. You can still add landscaping details like decks and gazebos: just scale your “hardscaping” plans to your yard. If you install a gazebo, make sure to plant climbing vines for shade. Working from home can be doubly nice when you are able to work outside. Often, you can hang a hammock from your gazebo as well: just ask landscaping teams to install the proper hooks. If leaves are a problem in the fall, ask contractors about options for yearly leaf removal.

In general, regular tree care is essential for any home. Every year, homeowners should contract for tree pruning and gutter cleaning at least twice: before the winter hits, and before the summer months. Landscapers find a wide variety of organic debris and even birds’ nests in gutters: it’s important to clean your gutters regularly so that you can avoid doing damage to the tiles on your roof and to the ceilings and floors of your home. If you have a small yard, it’s extremely important to remove leaves and debris from your home’s gutters: you want to make sure that your backyard space is uncluttered by piles of leaves that can damage your deck or other wood hardscaping.

Experts want homeowners to know that a single tree can cool the average-sized home as much as 10 indoor air conditioners, and that over the course of a decade, you could save more than 10% on your air conditioning bills if you maintain healthy trees. On the appraisal side of home ownership, a healthy tree could be appraised at as much as $10,000. Tall, old-growth trees should not be cut down, but should be moved to a local park or to a neighbor’s yard. Tree removal experts can help: taking care of our trees is one way that we can consistently save on our heating and cooling bills: just make sure to remove leaves from gutters and walkways – to avoid slippage. Maintaining a well-landscaped yard could be worth as much as 20% of the value of your home. If your home is worth $100,000, you could be looking at resale values of more than $125,000.

If you want attractive, low-maintenance landscaping, consider putting in plants that do not require a lot of watering. Hardscaping options like benches and water features can enhance the backyard beauty of any home. Smaller yards also benefit from having one or two focal points like concrete sculptures or decks. Landscaping should be done according to your taste: if you do not like a certain type of plant, then avoid putting it in. Future homeowners might change the landscaping a bit, but they want to invest in homes that they can enjoy for decades. Anything that you can do to give your home an edge when it’s time to resell is a positive step: contractors want to talk to you before you list your home for sale.

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