The Pros and Cons of a DITY Military Move

Moving in the military

There are a few different ways to complete a military move. The DITY move occurs when a soldier is assigned to temporary duty, temporary additional duty, or a permanent change of station. Research indicates that military families move every three years on average. Completing a military move calls for the family and soldier moving to receive additional time to handle their belongings, as opposed to allowing the government to complete the move. The DITY military move program can also be used in conjunction with other programs, for example, like the Government Bill of Lading which allows for the shipping of household goods up to a certain weight allowance. Should the soldier and family decide to make the move themselves, as opposed to having the government handle the military move, such expenses could be reimbursed like truck and trailer rental, cost of packing materials, moving supplies like blankets and furniture pads, hand truck rental, gas and oil, and tolls for the military moving truck.

The easiest way to map out a military move is to acquire a DITY move calculator. The calculator helps a family or a soldier determine how much the military dity move will cost them as opposed to allowing the government to execute the move. The risks of going through a military move with the government are that not all of your property is under protection and damaged goods are not subject to the same consequences a commercial moving company faces. Considering how much you might lose if the government handles your belongings, you will have complete control over your property with a military move.

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