The Most likely Sources of Mold Buildup

Mold removal

Because of the health risks involved in certain types of mold and mold spores you should always make sure your house doesn’t have mold friendly areas to grow in, since a moist environment, left untreated, can grow mold within 24 to 48 hours . A lot of homeowners could have mold buildup in several areas and not even be aware of it. The question you should be asking is, how do you find it and get rid of it? Many are aware that mold loves warm wet areas, so naturally, you would think the kitchen or bathroom and your not wrong, but leaky pipes aren’t the only cause of mold.

  • Windows: Moisture condenses around windows giving mold a chance to thrive in window sills and ledges.

  • Sinks and tub areas: Near leaky sinks or pipes is prime real estate for dirty mold, water leak detection around any pipes in the home is key to preventing an outrageous buildup. The bathroom may well be a breeding ground because of how regularly it gets warm and moist, especially around tile.

  • Drywall: Drywall acts like a wick when left in standing water because it absorbs water and spreads it over a greater surface, it increases the risk of mold.

  • Washing machines: Mold can easily build up in and around washing machines, luckily, there are products available that if used regularly can prevent and clean mold from your machine.

  • Water damage: Be it exterior or interior water damage, it can still cause massive mold buildup and extensive damage. Typically, mold removal on this scale requires professional assistance and can cost a pretty penny, luckily this is where insurance comes into play; home water damage of some kind is responsible for 20% of insurance claims.

Once you have identified the hiding spots and the causes, you can start the mold removal process and get on to breathing easier, literally and figuratively. Mold clean-up isn’t an easy process you really have to scrub that stubborn mold off your surfaces so remember that water leak repair and keeping a watchful eye on moist areas around the house can save you labor, as well as mold removal service fees.

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