The Importance of Jack Pads in Construction

jack padsWe are right in the middle of summer, and as some would say, right in the middle of construction season. The spring and summer months bring a lot of construction projects because of the warmer weather. It is easier to do these construction projects when the temperatures are warmer and there is no risk of snow covering the ground. The projects get completed faster and alternate routes are safer for drivers, because there is no unplowed snow or ice to be worried about.

You will probably notice a lot of construction equipment set up on the side of many roads. These construction equipment are necessary for the projects and for the protection of the roads and land that they sit on.

Construction equipment is very large, very heavy, and very dangerous pieces of machinery. They are only handled by professional and qualified construction professionals to reduce the risk of injury and mistakes. In addition to the safe handling of these construction machines, they must also be safely transported and then placed onto level land.

Inaccurate placing of these large pieces of machines could cause damage to the construction machines and more risk of injury to the construction workers operating the machine. Jack pads are necessary in protecting the workers, the machine, and the ground that it sits on.

The jack pads, or outrigger pads, provide a level and solid surface for the heavy construction machinery to sit on. It acts as a barrier to the ground and the surface that it sits on. There are also different types of jack pads to choose from, varying, depending on the specific construction project and the specific type of machine being used for the project. There main purpose is to protect the ground and the equipment.

Overall, three factors must be considered when selecting an outrigger pad: ground conditions, size of outrigger foot, and outrigger load of the equipment. These jack pads reduce the risk of damage to the ground that it is placed on, the chance of it tipping and provide an easier way of using and transporting the equipment.

OSHA states that cranes must be assembled on ground that is firm, drained, and graded sufficiently, in conjunction with supporting materials, such as blocking, cribbing, pads, and mats to provide adequate support and levelness. The crane pad is made of highly durable and effective material that protects both the equipment and the ground. This is why different camper jack pads are used for different jobs.

One material of a poly crane mats may be more useful for one type of job with one type of equipment, whereas a different material may work best for another construction project. Safety Tech outrigger pads are made from an engineered thermoplastic material seven times lighter than steel and four times lighter than aluminum. This specific pad is extremely light and durable. It allows for easy movement from one project to another. It also allows for easy transferring by a human, being light enough to carry. However, do not let the lightness of the jack pads fool you. They still provide a solid and level basis for the heavy construction equipment to sit on.

Construction season is upon us and you have probably noticed many construction projects going on all around your city. You have also probably noticed numerous construction equipment placed around these projects. Each of these heavy construction equipment have some type of jack pads underneath them. The purpose of these jack pads is to protect the ground that they sit on, to level the ground for safe handling from employees and to protect the equipment. The jack pads come in all different sizes and types of material, depending on which machine and which project they will be used for. zapatillas air max zapatillas air max zapatillas air max

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