The Benefits of Maize LED Lights

With so many choices out there for the best kinds of lights, which ones should you choose? It all depends on how much light you need and how convenient you want the installation and maintenance to be. For many business owners and homeowners alike, maize LEDs are the number one choice.

Maize LEDs for Car Parks

Maize LEDs look a little like a cob of corn. They have rows of small lights on the outside, arranged similar to lines of corn kernels. This means you have a lot of lights in a relatively small area. This makes them idea for car parks because these need to be well-lit for the safety of both the cars and the drivers.

As each LED in a maize LED lamp lights up, it creates a small orb of light. When they are all combined in the maize formation, the waves join to form a bright glowing orb in all directions. The multi-directionality of maize LEDs makes them perfect for car parks. There are going to cars and people on all sides of the light, so visibility will be needed all around. It is similar to roadway lighting, parking garage lighting, or LED roadway lighting: 360-degree visibility is the most important factor.

Maize LEDs for Sport Stadiums

Even though maize LEDs shine in all directions and can, therefore, be difficult to avoid looking at, this isn’t an issue when a sporting event is concerned. While people are watching a sport, their eyes are focused on those who are playing. This makes maize LEDs perfect for lighting up a sporting event. When placed high enough, they are not going to get in the field of vision of spectators. They will simply light up the area, and be otherwise inconspicuous.

This also makes these LEDs a safe option. When playing a sport, it is important to be able to keep your eyes on the action. If lights have to be placed too close to the playing area, you are going to end up getting distracted by the glare. However, with maize LEDs, the lights can be significantly out of the way of the players’ lines of sight. This gives them the visual freedom to keep their eyes on the ball instead of constantly having to shield them from glaring lights.

Maize LED lights are good for a variety of applications. You can depend on them for safety, security, and even to light up a fun night at the game.

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