The 3 Quick Ways To Tell if Your Air Conditioner is Failing

As the years ago by, it seems like the summers just get hotter. With scorching temperatures in many locations across the United States, it seems like the peak of summer will never end. About 66% of all homes in this country have installed air conditioning. During this time of the year, most people have their air conditioning unit running all day and night just to keep cool. This sudden stress on heating and cooling systems can cause older equipment to malfunction, stop blowing cool air, or simply stop running altogether. Once an air conditioner stops working in the middle of summer, you will definitely notice. Temperatures climb fast, with the added discomfort of humidity in closed spaces. Residential heating and air conditioning systems should be reliable during summer, and all seasons of the year.

Residential heating and air conditioning systems are used so much that they account for almost half of energy consumption in an average home. It is an important part of making your home a comfortable place to be. That’s why you should be well educated in the signs that your air conditioner needs to be replaced. In the event that your system is exhibiting these signs you should contact a residential heating and air conditioning maintenance service to fully diagnose the problems.

1. An unusually high energy bill

If your bills are noticeably high compared to last summer, there’s a chance that your AC is experiencing issues. A good way to tell is to compare bills with a neighbor who has a similar house and property to yours.

2. Reduced flow of air and lack of cold air

Clogs within ducts and piping can severely affect the amount of cold air you’re getting through your vents. If you notice that cold air is not getting through within a few minutes of turning on your AC, then you’ll definitely need some maintenance.

3. Unpleasant noises

An old and strained AC will make a lot of noise as it tries to operate normally. Common sounds are grinding and squeaking that are hard to ignore. If your system is calling for help, then you should call for a residential heating and air conditioning professional.

Do not suffer this summer! It’s important for your family’s health and happiness to have a cool place to escape the high temperatures. Residential heating and air conditioning professionals can help clean ducts, repair any gaps, and also fully replace your HVAC system. Any of these processes should not take more than a day, meaning that you can have cold air back in your home fast.

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