Tackling The Most Common Repairs On Your Beachside Home

Plenty of property owners dream of having a beachside estate. Being able to hear the ocean, feel the breeze, and having the warm sand just a few steps away are just a few of the draws that beachside homes have. What people rarely think about are the common home renovations and issues that beachfront houses require.

We’re not here to burst the bubble on your beachfront fantasy, but we certainly want you to be in the know before you’re taken by surprise by beachfront property problems that don’t afflict inland properties as harshly.


Any property near the water will be more prone to foundational issues. Many waterfront properties will be built higher up or with reinforced foundations to assuage these risks, but water and soil corrosion are formidable opponents that can cause dangerous movements in foundations and compromise once sturdy ground.

Every year, residents of the United States spend $5 billion on termite control and termite damage repair, and termites¬†love¬†damp soil and wood. Water damage that’s gotten to foundational wood is extremely prone to termite damage. Once they make their homes in a damp foundation, termite damage repair and extermination should be promptly executed.

Sun and Salt

The bright sun and salty breeze might be good for your health and sanity, but they’re not so great for house paint and metal fixtures. Corrosion happens a great deal quicker with these elements in play. Keeping metal and wood that’s near the seaside clear of buildup and/or sealing it with weather-resistant paint/coatings will drastically improve the longevity of those pieces of your home.

Poor Building Practices

An unfortunate, but realistic, thing to be wary of with beachfront properties is sketchy building practices. Firstly, additions and renovations to beachside properties are subjected to more rigorous standards (think back to foundational problems and the like). However, many people have work done that skims over or completely ignores those codes. Before committing to a beachfront property, be sure to have it professionally inspected so you don’t end up liable for the haphazard construction practices authorized by previous owners.

Whether a newbie or veteran property owner, houses by the ocean have their own special set of problems to be aware of. Don’t let your chance for paradise be eclipsed by issues that could’ve been avoided or addressed in the first place. Walking into your beachfront property with this knowledge will ensure it lasts as long as your love of coastal living.

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