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Sunny Day Savings

Sunny Day Savings

There is a push today, and rightly so, for greener living. Many strive daily to reduce the size of their footprint on the environment. Low-waste living, vegan or vegetarian eating, and responsible use of renewable energy sources rank among some of the tenets of environmentalism. This lifestyle, now more than ever before, has become more accessible to everyone with items like electric cars and solar panel systems becoming more affordable in the last decade.

The financial impact of a solar panel system

Over the last ten years, solar panel costs have dropped more than 60% and the cost of off grid energy storage systems have dropped by 50%, making the use of renewable solar energy more affordable to more Americans than ever before. It is easier than ever to find a solar financing program to finance the up-front costs of equipment and installation, and researching the many sonoma county solar companies can help you find the best price. Once installed, a solar panel will help you save on your monthly electric bills, and there is even a federal tax credit to help cover the sometimes intimidating costs of installation.

But apart from the financial benefits for individuals and families who install solar panels, there is also an economic benefit for the larger community and even nation as a whole. It is estimated that the solar panel market in the US is worth close to 5 billion dollars, and in the last decade, jobs in the sector have increased over 100%, with over 200,000 US workers now in the industry. The benefits of the sonoma county solar program cannot be overstated: creating jobs and boosting the economy while helping families save money and protecting and preserving our environment.

The takeaway

Environmental consciousness is engrained in most of us in today’s world. There are some very simple, low-cost actions we can take to lessen our negative impact on the environment as well as save ourselves some money in the long run: turning off lights when we leave a room, unplugging electronics when they aren’t in use, installing low water use shower-heads and toilets, and looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce. When you are ready to take the leap into solar power, call one of the sonoma county solar companies to see how they can help you install a solar panel and an off grid energy storage system and take advantage of the financing and tax credits available to you.

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