Stable, Safe Operation With Heavy Machinery — Selecting the Right Crane Pads and Jack Pads

Steel crane mats

In a lot of environments where heavy machinery routinely operates, there is always the need for measures that ensure a safe and secure working environment, while making for an efficient and productive commencement of work. If you are in the construction business, the mining business or the electrical utility industry, you must have come across your fair share of heavy equipment and machinery. The one thing that is common about the machines that do the heavy lifting and moving is that they need stability at the ground level where they are sitting. To achieve this with machines like cranes and jacks, a number of different techniques can be used, but one of the best ways to ensure better stability and performance is to choose the right jack pads and crane pads.

If you are familiar with the world of heavy machinery, you are likely to be familiar with the use of outrigger crane pads and jack pads when it comes to lending that extra amount of stability to machines that need it to function optimally. Typically, cranes and jacks are machines that routinely lift heavy loads, and to accomplish this successfully time and time again, these machines need a strong base on the ground which can prevent slips and accidental movement. While cranes and jacks are used profusely in construction and manufacturing environments, jacks are also used for contraptions like recreational vehicles regularly, so the importance of having the right jack pads is something that cannot be ignored.

When it comes to selecting the proper balancing and steadying solutions for cranes and jacks, the first thing you have to look at is the use case scenario. Whether it is outrigger pads for cranes or RV jack pads, the kind of ground you are using it on and the size and weight of whatever is being lifted should always be taken into account before selecting the appropriate stabilizing products. The chief purpose of these products is to create a firm and strong cushion between the machine being used and the ground, and provide enough traction and stability so as to ensure that the machine in use remains set in its place, and does not move about.

When you have a particular use case scenario in mind, and are in the market for the right stabilizing solution, there is another matter you have to consider. Crane pads and jack pads come in a few different material choices, and what you choose might have a large impact on its efficacy during the time of use. Different materials have different properties, and these influence the functionality and efficiency of these pads, and choosing the right material for your particular use case can be crucial for achieving the stability and performance you need.

Jack pads and crane pads can be made of steel, which is a viable option due to its strength and ability to support heavy weights. Steel is durable and a set of steel crane pads is likely to provide you with faithful performance for many years. However, the negative in this case is that steel weighs a considerable amount, and if you are working a mobile rig, transporting steel pads to and from locations and putting them in place, as well as taking them away after use can be an activity that takes quite some time and effort.

Wooden pads are also used in many scenarios, but these are relatively more brittle, and while being easy to carry, they can give rise to stability problems, especially with heavy use. One solution to this problem is to look for a company that manufactures these jack pads and crane pads in dense, strong, high quality plastic. There are companies that have successfully used durable, strong yet lightweight material like engineered thermoplastics to create these stabilizing pads, and these can be a great choice for you, mobile rig or otherwise.

Keeping these simple things in mind might allow you to lay your hands on the right stabilizing equipment for your cranes and jacks. This way, you can work in a relatively safe manner while ensuring the best performance and stability for your rig.

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