Six Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Start Using Recycling Trash Services

Waste management is something we often take for granted, despite it being a crucial service in our society, and one of the most important aspects of waste management is recycling. Recycling is one of the most important things we can do to help reduce our individual ecological footprints, and it is something everyone should become more informed about. If you haven’t started using your trash services for recycling, here are a few reasons why you should.

The Six Benefits Of Recycling

  • Natural Resources. Recycling our waste can help preserve our planet’s natural resources. This serves as a sustainable way of reusing the material we already have, instead of continuing to pull from a very finite source. At a glance:
    • Recycling plastic helps reduce the amount of new plastic that has to be created. This is beneficial because most plastics are created from hydrocarbons, a component found in fossil fuels.
    • Recycling paper products helps to prevent deforestation, and while we can plant new trees, it would take centuries to get back our rainforests or woodlands once depleted.
    • Recycling glass, like plastics, helps to reduce the amount of new glass that needs to be created. While many forms of glass are made from sand, a resource that seems infinite, it’s been noted that some variations have started to head towards depletion in recent years.
    • Recycling metal allows the material to be resued and helps prevent the need for dangerous and potentially expensive mining.
  • Protects Natural Ecosystems. Taking advantage of recycling trash services also helps us prevent the need for extracting, growing, and harvesting new materials from struggling ecosystems. This means less deforestation, fewer rivers dammed and diverted, less animal life displaced or destroyed, and less pollution to the soil, water, and air. By recycling, we are able to reuse the materials we already have and protect the natural world around us.
  • Protecting People. The ever increasing demand for more has led to an exploitation of the poorest people in society; people living around rivers or forests. The need for more resources has forced people like this either from their homes or into exploited, potentially sickening positions. This can happen because the need for cheap lumber calls for the forceful eviction of locals, or waste dumping from manufacturing pollutes the river causing local populations to become ill. Whatever the situation, it’s often the poorest people who suffer when more resources are needed.
  • Saving Energy. Recycling trash services also help reduce overall energy consumption. Often times the cost of manufacturing from recycled materials is staggeringly less than creating the same product from scratch.
  • Reducing Landfill Waste. Imagine how much trash has accumulated at your nearest landfill since it began operation. All that waste, some of it toxic, leaching into the ground polluting both the soil and the water. If people had been recycling from the get-go, and properly disposing of harmful chemicals, imagine how much less trash would be clogging up the land!
  • Reducing Incineration. Incineration seems like a better solution than simply dumping our garbage in one place; however, the process itself releases harmful carbon which contributes to the larger problem of climate change. Recycling trash services help reduce the amount of trash that needs to be incinerated and moves us one step closer to a greener environment.

If you haven’t already, I’d urge you to speak to your waste management service about how you can recycle in your neighborhood. Many companies offer this service, and it may not even cost extra. Recycling is something we all can do to help improve our environment and reduce our ecological footprint.

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