Signs You Need Commercial Window Installers

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If you’ve been noticing that your energy bill has been creeping up, it might be due to some problems with your windows. It might not occur to you at first, but that is one big red flag that a home’s windows might need repairing or replacing. There are several other red flags you can look for in order to know if there might be a problem with your windows in your home. When a window is replaced, the good news is that when windows are properly taken care of, they can last 20 or more years, which is incredible! The average cost to replace a window is anywhere between $300 to $700, and while it might seem like quite the investment at first, you have to remember that you won’t have to replace a window if they are taken care of, for many years. This will not be a recurring expense.

The same goes for commercial buildings as well. There are many red flags we can look for to know we need to invest in commercial window installers. Here are some signs you can look for that might signal a need for commercial window installers that you might be overlooking.

1. Your energy bill is super high

If you notice a huge spike in the amount you pay monthly for your energy bill, then chances are your windows need replacing. One way to simply tell if your windows are not keeping your building cool or warm is by standing next to it with a candle or incense stick. If you move the candle around the frame of your window and notice that candle flickers, then you have drafts coming from your windows. You need to call commercial window installers and have that checked out!

2. Your windows are letting sounds seep in

If your building is an office space, you don’t need car horns, trains, and other loud noises seeping into your business’ building. If you stand by a window and can hear the sounds coming in when they otherwise would not be, then you need to have your windows replaced. Energy efficient windows are able to stop those sounds well before they get inside.

3. Your windows are hard to open and close

If your windows are not operating smoothly, chances are you need a window company to come in and repair or replace your windows. Good windows should be able to open and close smoothly, without them having to be forced. This is especially important in times of an emergency, when windows may need to be opened within seconds. Keep your employees safe with windows that can fully operate.

Does it sound like your business needs commercial window installers? What signs have you noticed? Let us know in the comments below!

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