Shut the Door on Burglaries With Something Solid

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We all have stuff. For a lot of us, that stuff can be very important. For store owners, the stuff inside the store is the key to their livelihood. Coming home from work or coming into the store to find stuff stolen gives you a sick feeling inside. Someone has taken things that belong to you and now they’re gone. It’s a terrible feeling.

When you think about it, you realize that we spend at least 10 minutes every day searching for lost items. Items such as books, car keys, and even items for work are all things that just seem to disapear on their own. This is not to say that we don’t often misplace important objects, but theft is more than a very real possibility; it is a reality.

When it comes to to home theft and theft of small businesses, windows and other means of entry present problems, but you might be surprised by how many thefts occur as the result of the theif breaking in through the front door. In roughly 10% of homes the door’s deadbolt is not installed properly, allowing thieves access with the right tools or even the right foot. Commercial door locks can suffer the exact same fate, resulting in the need for a commercial replacement door. Installing a door properly takes more than just a basic knowledge of the door and the frame. It requires a knowledge of how thieves can find the weaknesses and preventing them from doing so.

In 2013, 59% of all of the burglaries that occured were the result of forced entry, and in the United States alone, there is a burglary performed every 13 seconds. Installing a door in your home that is safe and secure should be a fundemental concern. There are very attractive, solid doors on the market today that come with solid deadbolt locks and different types of keys, making it difficult for burglars to duplicate a key. This is true for residential doors as well as commercial replacement doors. Talk to your local locksmith about what it would take to get a set of keys that only you possess.

In this world today we have made a number of very significant changes and advances in technology. We have very sophisticated alarm systems in our homes and in our businesses, but they don’t always protect us from losing our precious valuables to buglary. A smash and grab type of burglary can’t be prevented by an alarm system that alerts the police long after the thieves have gone. You need to consider installing a door that will deter the thiefs before they steal.

Whether it’s a commercial door or a residential model, sure up your valuables with an attractive yet secure door. We call them valuables for a reason. The reason is that you find them valuable, but so does a thief.

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