Revamp Your Outdoors with these Tips this Summer

Summer is already here, and it is that time of the year when outdoor landscape design becomes a major activity. It is also the time to engage a landscape contractor Pittsburgh to handle your landscape design needs. In the last five years, outdoor landscaping services have grown by 1.9%, which is an indication that landscaping is an expanding business in the United States.

However, your attention should not be on the increasing landscaping services, but what you will get from landscape contractors you will choose. During summer, you spend much time outside, which means that your outdoors has to be comfortable, attractive, and accommodating. These are some of the few landscape design tricks you should expect from your landscape contractors Pittsburgh.

1. Dog-Friendly Landscaping

After a prolonged period of indoor activities and very little to no play, your favorite dog is moving out to enjoy the sun and spend some few months running outside. One of the major landscaping designs you should be expecting is dog-friendly landscaping. Therefore, you need your contractor to get out all the stones, sharp objects, and anything else buried on the ground that can harm your pet.

2. Colored Fence

It is a happy season in the Northern Hemisphere, and you don’t want to be left behind. Having a colored fence is an express outdoor design that shows you are also up for the new season. For many years, upgrading and repainting fences has remained the quickest and least expensive outdoor upgrade. Although white and blue colors have dominated fence painting, you can have European-inspired green or dark grey fence this year.

3. Reinvented Lawn

For landscape installation Pittsburgh, you will probably need to have a new lawn for your backyard. You cannot deny the fact that a well-trimmed, watered, maintained lawn is a symbol of a quiet suburb. However, the artificial methods of maintaining a lawn are changing fast. Application of fertilizers and other inorganic products are becoming less attractive due to environmental concerns. You can have your landscape installation done with reinvented lawn, which is a mixture of grasses that don’t need much watering or fertilizers.

4. Outdoor Furniture

As stated earlier, outdoor living is the order of summers, and as such, outdoor furniture is a necessity. Smaller outdoor furniture such as free-form decks, garden benches, and swing seats are some of the furniture your outdoor landscape designer should install for you. Outdoor furniture provides ample spaces for people who want to enjoy hot summer evenings and clear skies at night. These are some of the outdoor installations you don’t want to miss.

5. Sustainable Watering

Water shortage and ongoing droughts have made it clear that any outdoor landscaping installations should take care of the available water. Low-water landscaping is a necessity because all-out irrigation and lawn watering are no longer tenable. As a homeowner, you need to control how much water will be used for watering flowers, especially during summer, when weathering and evaporation are highest. Your landscape design contractor should use programmable water controllers to prevent excessive use of water.

6. Outdoor Structures

Some outdoor structures such as gazebos and outdoor kitchen become fashionable during summer and is a bonus when you have them. In as much as you are spending a lot of time outside, you want to stay in an organized and presentable place. A gazebo is one of them. An outdoor kitchen is good for evening parties and will significantly limit the number of times you have to go back to your kitchen for meals and other necessities.

Are you ready for summer outdoor landscaping? These are some of the aspects you need to include to have your backyard standout in your estate. They are low-cost strategies that you can implement even on a budget. Get in touch with a professional landscape designer who can create a personable and sustainable landscape design.

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