Replacing Water-Damaged Plywood and Shingles

Replacing Water-Damaged Plywood and Shingles

Water is a powerful element that can wreak havoc to homes over time, especially to the roof which takes the brunt of the impact. If you are looking to improve your home, you should probably check your roof, because there may be a lot of hidden damage up there due to water. In this video, you will learn just how damaging water can be and how to replace the parts of your roof that have been damaged by it.

As the video will show, water can cause a lot of trouble to shingle roofs. In the example provided, the water has gotten underneath the shingles due to a missing nail and has rotted the plywood.

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In order to make this roof repair, an entire section of plywood will need to be cut out and replaced. The shingles will then need to be replaced on top of the new plywood. The video will explain the process and also explain how it was possible for the water to create so much damage from just one missing nail. You will get to see each step of the process as they get completed.


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