Prevent Burglaries with Professionally-Installed Doors and Locks

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Has your home or apartment been broken into? Was your front or back door damaged as a result? If you need help installing a door, it makes more sense to hire a professional than take care of this yourself.

When you live in an apartment that has been broken into, however, your property manager or landlord will be responsible for this repair so that it is taken care of properly. Unfortunately, it appears that renters are much more likely to experience a break-in. In fact, they are 85% more likely than homeowners to have this experience.

On an annual basis in the United States, there are approximately two million home burglaries reported. This means that every 13 seconds, a home is being broken into. Since more than half of residential burglaries occur during the day when people may not be at home, it’s important to protect your family, yourself, and your home by taking precautions.

In 2013, for example, 59% of the burglaries that occurred involved forced entry. Approximately 34% of these burglars entered through the front door rather than another door or window. If you installed a deadbolt on your door, it’s important to have a professional locksmith inspect it to ensure that it’s properly installed. When homes with deadbolts have been inspected, it’s been shown that at least 10% of these deadbolts weren’t installed properly. This can make it easier for burglars to enter your home.

Do you have a business that has experienced a recent break-in or an attempted break-in? Did your entry and/or exit door sustain damage? If so, you will probably need a commercial replacement door and new door frames. Furthermore, it’s also possible that your existing doors may not be up to code. In this case, you want to be sure to hire a professional that is aware of the construction compliance codes.

When you have a new commercial replacement door installed, you will also want to have commercial door locks installed for this commercial replacement door. It’s also important to have your extra keys duplicated for commercial doors by a quality locksmith.

It’s possible that the number of burglaries in the United States may be higher, as not everyone that has been burglarized reports it. If your apartment, home, or commercial business has been broken into or you even suspect that you’ve had a break-in, it’s important to file a report immediately with the police department. This is particularly important if there have been a rash of burglaries in your neighborhood. You may be able to assist the police with apprehending the criminal or criminals involved.

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