Pool Repair and Maintenance Tips

Pool Repair and Maintenance Tips

Swimming pool owners have a responsibility to keep their pools working safely. In this YouTube video, viewers learn how to keep pools clean. When the pool is properly cleaned, there will be less risk of needing pool repair. The video’s first suggestion was for pool cleaning to empty the pump basket.

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If the basket isn’t emptied, the pump could be blocked and stop cleaning. The video states the walls and floor of the pool should be cleaned with a brush. To assist in cleaning, the homeowner must use chlorine daily. The video states if the pool water becomes green, the pool owner should “shock” the pool.

To “shock” a pool means to add chlorine or non-chlorinated chemicals to the water. The pool water must be at a chlorine level that will kill algae, bacteria, and chloramines in the water. A chlorine smell in a pool doesn’t mean it is sufficiently clean.

A strong chlorine odor in the pool indicates a high chloramine level. According to the video, chloramines occur when chlorine mixes with nitrogen — from sweat, urine, and body oils. The video further states that pool owners can know it’s time to clean their pool when they see algae and the “free chlorine level” is at zero. If the chloramine level is too high, the pool must be cleaned.

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