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Picking the Right Type of Paint Finishes Between Flat, Low Luster and Gloss

Picking the Right Type of Paint Finishes Between Flat, Low Luster and Gloss

Choosing an ideal paint color, for interior or exterior application, is important a finding the right paint finish — which is an essential ingredient that ensures improved paintwork look and wear-resistant surface for walls and furniture alike.

But now the challenge is selecting the right paint given that there are key factors to consider in a market engulfed with options to choose from?

This article is going to look at some of the three main categories of paint finishes and which ones can be suitable for any wall or woodworking projects

  • Low Luster Sheen
  • Gloss or Semigloss
  • Flat or Matte

The choice of paint finishes will essentially boil down to your style and preferences — are you looking for something aesthetic or practical, or both — as well as the need for durability. Each category of paint

1. Flat or Matte

Flat paint finishes offer the most color payout from saturated colors to velvety looks ideal for making walls less noticeable, obscuring any imperfections by absorbing light.

Matte finishes, however, are not the best type of finish if you’re looking for something durable. They wear down easily, especially when scrubbing, which is why they require more attention when cleaned, to avoid patching up the sheen with awful looking spots.

The most recommended application for flat paint is ceilings, which often flaws resulting from installation or damaged by water. Also, flat paints make the best paint for low-traffic rooms that don’t get stained easily or need regular cleaning.

2. Low Luster Sheen

Low luster sheen finishes are ideal furniture paint but they can also be applied on walls and metal surfaces. Though you will have to properly prime metal surface before coating with a finish for best results.

General finishes milk paint such as Eggshell or satin finishes are considered are a good example of low luster sheen, serving as a good alternative to the general finishes water based stain and gloss paints.

You can choose from a wide range of color options and durability though unlike flat finishes, these finishes doesn’t hide imperfections.

Priming the wall before painting can ensure the best results and improved toughness, and this is important if you’re painting walls that exposed to sunlight such as living, dining or bedroom.

3. Gloss or Semigloss

If you’re looking for a superior type of paint finish, gloss or semigloss is your best option because it performs well in humidity and it requires less cleaning. Best yet, these finishes make surfaces less noticeable by not reflecting light, but rather absorbing.

Like other finishes, you have to properly prime and prepare your surfaces to be painted for a smooth feel and even look. This ensures the sheen is uniform across the surface.

These three types of finishes shine and reflect light differently and choosing the correct finish for the correct area of application can mean the difference between dull and exceptional look. Your space is bound to look and feel different also with these products but now you’d want to choose something easy to clean.

Some finishes, therefore, are designed and perform best when applied in certain areas or rooms. Low luster sheen and flat paint are not ideal for high-traffic rooms than need frequent cleaning such as hallways, children bedrooms and living rooms.

Although gloss and semigloss finishes offer the best performance among the three, it’s more labor-intensive to apply considering multiple layers need to be applied to attain the ultra-shiny look.


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